This time it was for pleasure and not business, the last post I did about Edinburgh  was to look around the university at a course that I could never get into. However both trips were very enjoyable for very different reasons, the university trip was the second time I’d been to the city the first was for a stop over when we were going to Wick at the top of the country for that years holiday. As it was still very new to us the second time around I still felt like a tourist and was really taken in by the old architecture and the tartan lining nearly every shop coming down from the castle. Unfortunately this time around I felt like I new the city and I could look past all the blatant over the top ‘Scottishness ‘ so it did lose some of its fun. I think it was seeing it from the university point of view and being able to see my self living there is when every thing started to normalise and become another place to me. I do have to hand it to Edinburgh though it felt like one of the safest cities Ive ever been to.

Day 1

So I thought I’d  do this in order, and I’m not counting the day we drove there as it  took around 5 hours and we left the house at 12 so we didn’t do anything.The first thing we did the next morning after breakfast ( of course ) was to get the tram into the city center, where we then got our  bus/train passes, which gave unlimited travel across all of the transport in Edinburgh for only £21 for an entire week. We also had to get our picture taken which was surprising and a little awkward, I laughed in mine.

We then went to a grave yard like what everyone does… and took a few pictures, which was only five minutes from are destination ,the picture point Carlton hill. Where I didn’t take many pictures of Edinburgh but where took many a selfie apparently this is only a few of them …

If your wondering what the Hotel room was like it was nice and had bunk a bunk bed ( my bed ) , the place is called Ibis budget and it cost around £70-£80 a night which is really good as we were so close to the center as well.     To save this being a really long post I’ll do the rest of the days in other posts across this week.


One thought on “EDINBURGH… AGAIN

  1. Looks very enjoyable! Ibis Budget is a very decent hotel chain. Nothing is spectacular, but it’s clean and well-maintained. The good location in Edinburgh is another plus! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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