SECRET SERVICE: Top 10 TV spies gadgets 

SECRET SERVICE week went to quickly and I thought how could I end it with out doing this post because what would a good spy be with out his gadgets.

1. The James Bond Aston martin.

Normally decked out with everything a spy could want, it can shoot, be remotely controlled, a back shield, an oil slick, rotating license plates and tire slashers . These gadgets and the model change through out the series of bonds we’ve had but one thing remains, its still the coolest car you could own.

2. The shoe phone from get smart.


Its just so ridiculously perfect, that only  Steve Carell and his predecessor could pull off.

3.The Kingsman umbrella

Initially used by Colin firth’s character and passed on to Eggsy, it can deflect bullets while the user can still look classy.

4.Johnny English rings,

The truth serum and the muscle relaxer rings, which lead to one of the most hilarious scenes I have ever seen in a movie. If you haven’t seen Johnny English you NEED to, its brilliant both as a spy movie and as a comedy.

5.Rocket belt from Thunderball

Flying spies.. that’s all I need to say.

6.Magnet gloves mission impossible: ghost protocol

They magnetically stick to buildings and are basically every rock climbers fantasy, i think if I was that high I’d wouldnt of relied on them, or went out the window.

7. Neuraliser Men in black

For any spy staying secret is eye, but with thanks to this device they don’t have to try and be so subtle any more. In one quick flash any civilian can have there recent memories forgotten.

8. Shoe knife James bond/ Kingsman/ probably many more

Perfect for the spy with no weapons at hand, I don’t know if it would pass security at the air port though.

9. Explosive chewing gum from Mission impossible.

This has been altered in a few other spy films I’ve seen but I think mission impossible were the first to have the idea. Its a fairly simple idea, once activated the chewing gum blows up.

10. Golden gun James Bond The Man With The Golden Gun.

Its the only gadget on the list used by an enemy Christopher Lee, but its one hell of a stylish weapon. The Golden Gun also consisted of a pen, a cigarette lighter, and a cufflink Its random mix of add-ons make it more endearing. Its the embodiment of a stylish gentleman’s gun with the lavish over the top gold that its made out of.


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