SECRET SERVICE: Kingsman review.


This film is very tongue and cheek like the classic James Bond movies, which are mentioned as a running gag .  The premise runs along the lines of the classic films with crazy plot points and cool gadgets. Oh and it had a camp Samuel l Jackson as a bad guy. It’s leads are Colin firth or Mr Darc, Taron Egerton, Michael Caine and Mark Strong who was also in the imitation game. Each character were charming in there own way especially the bad guy, camp Jackson.

I didn’t know going in to it that it wasn’t serious but it took all of 5 minutes to figure it out. With out giving to much away the premise is the Kingsman are a secret branch of spies out side the government, whose main cover is being tailors. When a mission goes dreadfully wrong one of the group sacrifices his life for the life of his comrades. That man was Eggsy dad, after the death of his father his life goes down hill and hitting rock bottom when his mum starts dating the local thug. After getting in trouble with the police Eggsy calls the emergency line of the Kingsman who is indebted to his father. After Harry Hart gets him released he introduces Eggsy to the world of the Kingsman in hope to straighten him out. After that Eggsy’s life would never been then same again. The film is a cross between the young James Bond and the Alex Rider two books that I read and loved when I was a kid.

I give it a 4/5 it was fast paced and funny, two of the things I look out for in a good blockbuster film.


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