SECRET SERVICE: The imitation game review.

for wordprescopyI’m kick starting secret service week with a review of ‘The imitation game’ Staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. It’s based on the great mathematician Alan Turing who broke the enigma code and helped save millions of lives. Who says the secret service is all about guns and fast cars?

The enigma code was the system in which the Germans sent messages to each other, it’s code changes every day via the enigma machine. These messages were easily intercepted as radio waves but with out the allies knowing which setting the enigma code was of that day, there was no way of known what it meant. It’s the story of Turing joining the secret team to crack it and how he went against nearly everyone’s orders and started to create Christopher, the machine to break the code.

I really enjoyed this film and was thoroughly entertain through out. As always Cumberbatch ‘s and Knightley’s performances were believable and heartfelt.The film shows you the logical side to how Turing thought and the emotional effects of years of torment from ‘Civilised gentleman ‘ of the upper class world. Ultimately Turing lead a very sad life even after saving millions of lives his government drove him to suicide with hormone replacement therapy. All because he was gay which is a despicable and disgusting way to treat anyone as it is but for them to do that to a man who help win the war is even more atrocious than I can believe. But this film shows better than many that one person can truly make such a big difference which is why I give this film 4.5/5.


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