for wordpresscopyBeing British seems to go hand in hand with the secret service. With plenty of films, books non fiction and fiction a like all based around spies. It’s like we’re obsessed with it, with the  idea of being part of something bigger than ourselves, while on the out side looking like average Joes.
It all started with MI6 in 1909 to control secret intelligence operations in the UK and overseas, where they particularly looking at the growing Imperial German Government.  the real paranoia of spies grew during the Cold War, with the propaganda of Russian spies infiltrating sectors of the English government. This was found true in cases, but not as much as the nation wide panic would of suggested. However this inspired the writer Ian Fleming to create the infamous James Bond. Which is still going to this day, which is out the 6th November 2015 and has in turn inspired this weeks theme of posts.


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