Preperation for Relay for life 2015: DIY ‘THE CUBE ‘ .

I’ve explained what relay for life is here: it’s basically a a group charity event to raise money for cancer research. We were all under the impression that this would be a simple, but as usual we were wrong. We were told my the powers that be, to set up a series of challenge’s based off the TV show ‘The cube’. It was hard enough in the beginning to even get six other teenagers to join the team, but then i felt bad telling them that we had to this as well.But we shall try even if it ends up being a shoddy challenge we’ll enjoy it.
Now the cube DIY ideas :
1. 2x rope and a blind fold- The challenge is to walk I a straight line blind folded ad the robe act as perimeters.
2. 20x water balloons, timer and a bucket – the challenge is to put all the balloons from the floor/table into the bucket with in 7 seconds
3. Blind fold, a bat and a water balloon/ ball- the challenge is to get to the other side blind folded, without dropping a balloon from the bat.
4. 3x Rope and a blind fold – the challenge is to look at the floor with horizontal rope that’s at various lengths away from each other. Then with the blind fold on try and step over them ( it works better if the rope was on levels, but with children going I thought it more safe not to).
5. 3x buckets of various sizes and a ball- the challenge is to bounce the ball from the tallest ,up turned ,bucket on to the medium up turned bucket .Which will then bounce in to the third bucket which is facing upwards.
6. Digestive biscuit ( or any other dry biscuit)- the challenge is to try and chew and swallow the biscuit enough to be able to the ‘relay for life’ within 10 seconds .
7. Bucket and ball- the challenge is to spin them around and then they have to throw it into the bucket.
8. Large bucket- the challenge it to bound the ball only once and have it go into the bucket .

Me and another team mate went on a slight rampage round our town to get the supplies. Its come at a fairly stressful time as its my last day of college today and the event is tomorrow there hasn’t been much time to sort everything out perfectly,


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