This is my first time doing a TBR and I’m already a little late posting it. I’ve watch many booktubers do there own TBR piles and thought I’d have a go at it, but because I’ve watched so many I already feel like a pro.

I recently bought nine manga books which I plan on doing a haul post explaining what there about an where I got them from.  The manga here is the bottom six and the Lizzie Newton book above which I wrote about in another post. Manga only takes around an hour to two to read so I’ll be finished with them pretty quickly. Boxers and Anya’s ghost are also part of the other haul post and are graphic novels. I’ve been seeing them a lot on box blogs and videos for a while an I finally bought them, I’m really pleased that I did both styles are really nice and unique.
I’ve finally started to take up reading one of the many many crime novels I have under my bed. It’s by James Patterson and it’s called 1st to die and it’s the first in book series based around a female inspector in San Francisco. It’s really nice to see a strong leading female in crime fiction, most, if not all my other books have leading make detectives. It’s nice to see the change in attitude towards the main character and having a more equal view of who can be high up in law enforcement.

The last book is by Brandon Sanderson the last book in the mist born trilogy ‘The hero of ages’. I have been reading this series for at least a year now and it is hands down one of my favorite  series. I just haven’t been able to finish it because of an insane amount of college work I’ve had, but I’m nearly a hundred pages in and my last exam is next Tuesday, so I can do this.


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