I think when I came to writing my CV I finally realised how under experience I am when I comes work ‘in the real world ‘. Sure I’m used to doing ungodly long hours and doing all nighters working, but it’s work for college, which is ultimately working for myself. I’ve had the very bare work experience at a brand strategists company that could barely tell me what In simplistic terms what they actually did. The words help them did more them and see a clear way forward, plus a whole load of other long words I couldn’t be bothered remembering for my teachers. I found the whole ordeal ironic, if you couldn’t explain to be what you do how can you help others ???? But obviously I didn’t say that, I was there a whopping week as that’s all the time my high school aloud us off. All I if to do was fill out a spreadsheet which should of taken the entire week but I finished it in the first morning, so I’ve now learned that if someone wants you to do something you take as long as possible , right? Anyway I did learn something at least, how to make tea lots and lots of tea, which I was supposed to instinctively do without being asked, which is something I learnt on the last day.

It was an awkward and horribly off putting experience but I’ve learnt now that the world isn’t like that, try were jut posh uperty people who expected the world since birth. But I’m over it I dot want to work there so that’s not my problem anymore. The problem now is getting a job, there’s rarely any jobs in the art industry as there is let alone having weekend jobs. So I’m sticking to retail, politely I have had a few rejection emails, while some don’t even give me that. It’s down to my lack of experience, as I said before I am lacking in that department. But how do I get a job in the beginning to get the experience? I probably don’t, my next summer endeavor is to work in the charity shop. It’s not just for experience I actually do like doing charity work, like being team leader of my colleges relay for life team. My donation page is linked to the picture on my page is really appreciate if you could donate 👍🏻


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