It was my years last day Friday, even though it isn’t necessarily mine I still came in from study leave. It was a half day, lessons as normal then the farewells started at 11:30 with our leavers assembly. The key iconic teachers of our college did heartfelt speeches  warming up to the big  leavers video: 

   Which is actually amazing, the concept and just how they managed to pull it off is so good. It manages to include a lot of our year and show the true crazy spirit that is Aquinas college.

The assembly ended and after a teary good bye from a few people who weren’t going to the ball everyone went home to prepare. It was awkwardly in the middle of Manchester and weirdly hard to actually find the entrance, but everyone did. We got ID and tagged, much like a pet animal, for drinks because in good ol’ England you only have to be 18.  After a crazily long wait for all that we could finally enter the event hall. Its a fairly big room which mainly consisted of around 40 tables and a bar at the side. After being tagged with were welcome to a complementary pink drink and one of your own choosing.

IMG_0557  IMG_0552IMG_0522

It was a good night but it mainly consisted of sitting at your table waiting for something to happen, like main,desert, awards. It took around two and a half hours for this and as perusal the veggie meal was underwhelming, it could of been ok if the didn’t leave it for what seemed like an hour over what they should have in the oven, given the brunt state it was in. It was aubergine and couscous which isn’t that imaginative a meal, but I had thought before it how could this go wrong, but it did, there was even black burnt couscous which I thought was an impossible thing to burn. It understandably took a while to collect the dishes of round 500 people so it gave us time to walk around and talk to people from other tables and take many many selfies.  I managed to get on to the balcony at the top, which wasn’t locked and take a few pictures. The awards followed quickly after the desert of sugar soaked sponge, there was only a handful of awards given and not always the ones you want to receive, like ‘Worst tan’ ‘WAG’ ‘Best couple’ ‘Biggest pest’ ‘Mr universe’ ‘Most likely to rule the world’ and ‘Best hair’. Unfortunately the college council picked the nominees and being true to form were as bias  towards there group as possible, so a few deserving people didn’t get picked but at the end of the day everyone knows who should have won it.

By the end of the meal and awards they had a competition of heads and tails and who ever won, won £500. Unfortunately we were at the back and I didn’t have a clue what was going on so I went off and took more pictures. By this time however it was around 10:30 which is pretty late to really start the night. The ever cheesy pop music begins to play and it takes a while to get started, while a forth of the people leave to go to a club. Everyone’s plan was to leave after the ball and go to the same club but a lot cut the night short and went early. This continued throughout the next hour until there’s only a forth left of the people that went, it probably wasn’t helped by the fact that the staff didn’t move many tables away from the dance floor so it was tiny. I was staying at my friends who didn’t have ID so we stayed till around 12 and went back to hers, which wasn’t much of a disappointment especially as one of are friends kept snapchatting that we weren’t missing much as the place was packed with people from our college. I think the best tweets were :’ (clubs name) traumatised for life’ and ‘i went down with the sinking ship of an aq leavers ball’ It was a weird night but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the brilliant class of 2015.


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