The conclusion of two years worth of work wrapped up in a nice farewell. The exhibition way layers out so that everyone’s final pieces and sketch book were laid out. I also had may drawings from unit 4 out and etchings worked into underneath. It was a good night, I came in 6 hours before to help out, the only people who did people were from my class ( the best class) and so I had to look through books and put things up, which was surprisingly tiring.

IMG_0505  IMG_0507 IMG_0426

This is all my work that was on display, the two art rooms were fully covered. The textiles, graphic art and wood tech were also on show so it was a very busy night but I managed to take pictures when there wasn’t a huge amount of people around.


It was quite emotional seeing the whole A2 come to an end and how much work we produced. I did try and find out what they internally marked it as but they wouldn’t budge, so I will be thinking about it till results day. Its been my favorite by far for years and I cant even think about not doing it as a course anymore, its become such a large part of my life that takes up so much of my time. It’ll be very strange having to just keep walking past the art rooms next year. But its over now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even when I’ve had to pull all nighters in trying to get it finished. I’ve also meet some of the best, like minded people along they way.



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