BOOK HAUL!!!! #4

After spending a good afternoon scrolling though bookoutlet the American discount online book store and being ready to buy, I found out that the postage to the UK was astronomical around x5 the price for the actual books themselves. I can see why its so popular among American booktubers but for now I will have to stick to good old Amazon.

I found most of the books I really wanted from the site and bought them all from  second hand sellers, a few were big book recyclers which posted them in really nice recycled packaging. In total the books were around the same price as book outlet but the postage was around the same price as what I bought the books for. However the price I got them were every cheap  £3-£4 the most expensive with P&P included was  Boxers (Boxers & Saints) , a graphic novel of China’s Boxer Rebellion told from two points of view it comes in two companion novels, this one is of Little Bao  fighting for the glory of China.


I bought Anya’s Ghost also a graphic novel about a girl who falls down a whole and meets a ghost girl who died there the same age as anya now. But things are never as easy as it seams and being friends with the ghost will be hard.


i also bought Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 1 I still don’t know much more about this book other than the fact that is a manga mystery set in the Victoria era England. It combines a lot of the things I love so I thought id give it ago.


I bought another book from one of my all time favorite authors Brandon Sanderson Steelheart (Reckoners 1)  its the first book in the Reckoners series. Another series about humans with extraordinary powers I think its more SCI FI than the Mistborn trilogy but even if its half as good it’ll still be an amazing read.


Book five is Ender’s Shadow  by Orson Scott Card, I know a lot of people have read Enders game by Card but I haven’t heard much mentioned about the fact that there’s an Enders series. Which if id known about it i would of read it by now. this book is the parallel novel to Enders Game. Its retold though the eyes of Bean Enders best friend and how he came about joining the battle school and living in Enders shadow, hence the name I’m guessing.


Last but not least I bought the seventh book in the Attack on Titan series, after receiving the other six for my birthday I’ve been dying to know what happens next. I thought this book was one over where the anime got up to but unfortunately its the same book as the last episode so I have no new information( each episode is equivalent to one book) . I love this series and its what made me go from a casual anime watcher to an all out obsessed fan leading me to watch SAO, Bloodlad, Fate Stay Night: unlimited blade works , Fullmetal alchemist , Blue Exorcist ,re-watch Sailor Moon , and Ouran high school host club, to name a few. In total all the books cost around £47 which is pretty good and as I love every book, even though I haven’t started a few I don’t regret it. I think about all the time and hard work that it takes to create them and am always surprised at how cheap they are.



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