After getting my third and hopefully final hard drive, my computer now contains three,two active one not. So it’s been a long time getting everything reinstalled and moving files, which is why I haven’t posted for a while. Well that and the fact that I could not for the life of me remember what my wordpress password is, until I found my password’s document. Which may seem obvious to check but I swear I did a number of times.

Any way this all came about because I’ve got a new laptop for when I go to university and the hard drive was missing. So we tried to replace I, but it wouldnt take and as its better and quicker than the others in my PC we added it to that instead.


Its a HP compaq 2510p its surprisingly quick I’d say its quicker than my PC but it doesn’t have early as much stuff on it full specs can be found here : the overall weight and sturdiness is great I’m some what scared of the mac’s as there just getting thinner and thinner I feel like is better quality. Its desktop currently isn’t  windows but the use of the internet isn’t hindered in anyway and the word processor easy changes from widows format to its own and will even save in the same windows format as it originally was. There is a great keyboard that’s easy to type with and a touch screen mouse. Overall I think its a great laptop for what I need, which is mainly just educational use.


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