It’s the first week back from the Easter holidays and the pressure is now on for our exams. Which includes several past papers to finish each day from both my academic classes and my art teacher going crazy as we only have a week and a half till are exam which is the end of the two year project, by this time on the 7th of May everything will be handed it. Which is a mixture of pure fear and happiness that I can finally revise for my other subjects. As I’m going to be a third year I will not be have art next year which is a very strange thought as I’ve had art lessons since primary school. Depending on how much I miss it I might actually have to do a art degree as I cant imagine not doing it for the rest of my life.

I keep going on about art but I haven’t posted anything about this new project unit 4, the exam unit, the exam questions were a little iffy this year but I think I chose one of the better one’s. Its based around MAPS, which any seem strange but one of them was FRUIT AND VEG which is what most of my class is actually doing. Ive brought home some of my unfinished pieces which are a mixture of media, pen,pencil . mono-print, sewing, collage, image transfer , and weird stuff called aqua film that washes away.

12-0E915752-1492277-480-100 12-0E752850-1189745-480-100 12-0E833FD1-1224718-480-100   IMAG0594    IMAG0590 IMAG0589 IMAG0588 IMAG0587Snapchat-6625638941371391823 IMG_20150302_160553  Snapchat--814099711354196349 Snapchat--359425899908353711

Its lossely based off Ed Fariburns work, but it feels quite strange as I’m one of two people in my class doing it, I feel like I am very much on my own with this unit. but I’m doing a lot of experiment and that’s what will get me the high grades if I end up finishing it all. I currently have only 5 A1 sheets full and I need around 8 so I shall be living in the art room next week until I’M finished.


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