So Thursday was the last day before half term and my friend told me about her other friend having a spare ticket to ‘you me at six’ an English band, which I jumped at the opportunity to see. It turns out he had also won two more tickets so both me and my friend could go. It turned out to be one of the more random nights of my life, to be honest most of then have been while I was in town(Manchester).


It started with me getting to our towns bus station 30mins early and because its England it was also raining so I had to make my way to the warm library where I ended up staying at for 45mins as my friends bus was late. There was a mix up with who was supposed to be where but we both ended up on the train, where she got more and more annoyed because no one had our tickets and the other friend wasn’t picking up.I quickly got noodles as she started calling him with my phone and then we practically ran to the other station the Victoria, which is apparently being done up. As with both have connections to the architecture world i was rather disappointed about the fact that i kept saying how nice it was with the 1800’s-1900’s design and they’ve basically decided to tear the thing down.


When we finally got up to the box office at 5 and we found him and his friend he made on twitter, we found out our tickets weren’t available until 6 so we’d have to leave again to get her some food. when his friend decided to dumb her massive backpack on us because they had standing tickets. Which was the biggest pain lugging around but we felt like we couldn’t say no to her as we’d never seen her before. So after a very long hour of taking turns with this bag that we did have to quickly check for dodgy stuff that could stop us getting through the ticket checkers. we finally got back upstairs and waited in the guest line which ended up opening at 6:30 and when we finally got to the front of the queue we had the choice of standing or seated in the vip section. So we really wanted standing but the annoying girl had given us the whopping great big bag, which I may have ended up gently kicking a few times ( don’t worry it was just clothes and SHOES ). so we were rather pissed off but are seats were good but it was slightly painful to see every one standing, and even though some people were there waiting from mid day there was still more than half the space left, it was only a fifth full by that point which was really annoying.


Walking the moon played first and they were a pretty good warm up act, they didn’t quite engage the audience enough to get much of a reaction. But the music style and them themselves were really interesting, they had an alien themed song with the green light and the techno music ,even though it had nothing to do with the lyrics. They played far quite a while playing around 4 songs and a killers cover, which I went slightly mental during as The killers are one of my favorite bands.


Then All time low came on and they were amazing I’ve never seen an american band live before and they seemed a lot more socially at ease than some other bands I’ve seen and they had really good presence on stage.

(my friends pictures)

You me at six were a slight contrast, they seemed very easy on stage but were more introverted than All time low they weren’t as engaging but they did get the most reaction out of the audience as they were who everyone was waiting for. It was a really good night that I wont be forgetting any time soon


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