Yesterday I went to an Asian super market Wing Yip Manchester being a city has quite a few Asian super markets and I’ve been to quite a few and this one is definitely my families favorite. So if your in the area I’d definitely go. There’s a really nice small shop on the inside of the store that sells really cute Totoro toys that i still need buy.

Down the second isle there’s snacks and I found what i was looking for, I’ve been wanting to try snapea crisps for ages and I found another brands. Its a lot cheaper than buying snapea I think there around £5 to buy it online, while I found it for 65p which is what I’m willing to pay for it. However I will admit it doesn’t seem to be as healthy as the snapea brand as there’s more added favors and ingredients but maybe it’ll taste nicer, I haven’t tried then yet.

IMAG0427 IMAG0428

I next bought two tins of lychee, which I really like, they don’t really taste the same as they do fresh but there a lot cheaper again, I quite like the sweet syrup taste anyway. I could literally eat a full tin my self even though its huge.


There’s also a little bakery in the back of the shop which I thought was closed as there wasn’t any thing on the shelves as it was 6 o’clock but they still had a few coconut buns at the counter which are my favorite. I don’t have a picture as I ate it last night but it looked like a sweet bun with a swirl of shredded coconut in side its lovely.

I then bought prawns in the shell which taste a lot better than prawns de-shelled as most are de-shelled by a water blaster thing that takes away all the flavor.IMAG0430

The last thing I normally pick up is a drink so it stays cold and i got the nicest ice tea I’ve tried so far. It’s also a lot cheaper than the brand that sells in college but then again a lot of the pricing for snacks is over priced.



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