Afternoon tea and what not .

So I went out for the quintessential English Sunday lunch afternoon tea in the ‘Wild Boar’. It was a 18th century remake of a tutor ‘house’ and by house I mean mansion, which made me feel very un-posh. It was a really lovely tea which consisted of: Tea/coffee                            sandwiches

Scone                                  Victoria sponge


IMAG0365IMAG0366    IMAG0364

There was a function room on the third floor which is available for weddings which was really nice but i unfortunately don’t have any pictures of. All the pictures I do have were taken with my phone which is really old so I’m sorry for the slightly poor quality. This type of building isn’t that common for the area which is around Chester for any one whose interested in architecture. I had a really nice time with my parents, which is time I enjoy spending as I don’t seem to just sit and talk to them anymore. I was also something different which had it even more interesting and i hope every one else had as good a Sunday.

1420375937302 1420375948522 1420375954460


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