I got a hair cut and I’m so unbelievably happy, I went in with my mum to just get a cut and then our hairdresser didn’t show. Which seriously distressed the other and only hairdresser there, unfortunately it was a new salon and the owner ( the hairdresser present) was really nice, so we felt awful they didn’t show. However in return we could have any hair colour we wanted included with the cut. Some thing you may not know is in quite partial to a bit of hair dye but have only used semi when doing it my self. So a few days ago I dyed it a semi permanent pink which unfortunately changed the overall dyeing process i had to take. I asked for an ombre effect buy with lilac but because of the pink the stripper didn’t lighten it enough to be able to have the lilac and it to take. So ive got a pinkie purple colour now heres the before and after picture that she took :my head


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