Extreme lessons !!!

Today was like another Tuesday with textiles first. We have to make the pot holder this week, from the months of prep work we have been doing since the start of college. It’s mind numbingly boring sometimes, as the course work is now done on the computer, at GCSE at least we had paper folders which we could decorate to match the theme. The sample I created which was supposed to be in the shape of a tree came out like a mangled hand, it was just awful plain and simple. The actual one is going much better, it turns out the mis-shape was from turning it inside out as the excess material stopped it forming crisp edges.


In brilliant news I was three off a B in maths which is an improvement on the E I got for stupid mistakes like the plus instead of a minus. After my teacher said I was going to fail again like I did last year ( it makes me laugh that’s she that mean) I thought she’d be thrilled with my C. I was mistaken she just told me to do better next time … ok then I  will. What happened last year happened again this year most of the room failed and probably the year group. So she started off with the speech on how we’re all let downs and how we need to work harder with out giving us are tests back before, so everyone’s just sat there bricking it that shes talking about them. Any way this ranger happened for around thirty minutes which is quite excessive, and i’m just getting more and more nervous. She seriously wasn’t in the mood for me to not get a high mark, but when she handed it back it was all fine, she had only traumatised me for a short time.


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