Clothing haul #4

Started out like usual but a lot happened so I think I’ll separate them out in too my running themes I have on my blog. This first post is about my Tuesday ritual that always gets canceled, where I go shopping with mum in my triple free. Unfortunately I didn’t get any books which is a huge let down, but probably good as I’m loosing space in which to put them. I did get a two pieces of ‘Topshop’ clothing though, a black dress for going out and dark almost blood red jeans that don’t come up to well on the picture. Both are from thrift shops downtown.


The lighting’s back sorry for the picture quality I may edit this post later

The dress was £7.00 and the pants were also £6.99, I know for a fact as the tags are still on, that the pants were originally £40.00 which is a little pricie if you ask me but I’ve made a saving of £33.01. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get more but it’s not really the weather right now in the North West and so I ended up huddling under over hanging buildings a lot as I didn’t have a hood.


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