An exceptionally good Monday?


I have already gotten a mock result back which is seriously crazy as it’s my biology which I only took on Friday. I dont think my teacher ever sleeps but she is the BEST teacher I’ve ever had, she is so on the ball and knows how to get us to understand the science board, so we know how they want things answered. I could praise her all day and write the longest post but I’m not going to because that’s boring. Who would want to read it? Any way I got one off a B which I’m really proud of, I find it really hard because of my dyslexia and unlike in america we have no multiple choice questions. All the questions we have are unaided and we have to not only form the right answer but write it in a certain way which is annoying and hard. It’s not helped by the fact that Alevel biology is a beast, its huge honestly we have to remembers hundreds of pages off by heart and the mark schemes is a lot for a college year that only last around 8 months.

I also went and watched our colleges production of Guys and Dolls a rather sexist choice if you ask me for a college whose advocate of equality. You could also tell the cast wasn’t into it, from last years epic production of Les Mis, which would always be hard to beat, they seamed to be taking a step backwards. The cast them selves were as always brilliant and with the outstanding vocal talents of cousins Fan and Ella is always amazing to hear. However everyone in the audience who weren’t bored and hadn’t left at the interval, were left wondering when will this end? It was indeed an exceptionally good Monday.


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