Review: The hobbit battle of the five armies #SPOILERS

The conclusion of Peter Jackson’s billion year ‘epic’ conclusion of Tolkien’s The hobbit.

Where to begin, I wasn’t expecting too much from this film, as a lover of Tolkien, the last Hobbit films fell a little  short for me. The whole one book into three films has been constantly argued over so I’m not going to get too much into it. However the main problem for me with the Battle of the five armies is the fluffing they had to do, by including a lot of scenes that weren’t in the book, for the majority of the film. I know some of the scenes did come from else where in Tolkien s writing, like in the appendices, but I believe they weren’t included for the reason of good story telling, it doesn’t quite flow. There was too much going on from all areas in the film, the end battle scene was all over the place to the point that it was hard to keep track of where who was and doing what. The use of CGI might make things easier for the crew of the hobbit, but i feel it lost the spark of what the LOTR gave with its EPIC battle scenes. Some people may argue that the CGI was better but I’m old fashioned and a lover of practical effects that LOTR trilogy was saturated with.

I think the Guardian summed it up the best ‘He (Peter Jackson) has successfully concluded his outrageously steroidal inflation of Tolkien’s Hobbit into a triple-decker Middle Earth saga equivalent to the Rings trilogy, and made it something terrifically exciting and spectacular, genial and rousing, with all the cheerful spirit of Saturday morning pictures’ to read more go here.

I’ve become numbed now to let down book to movie adaptions such as Enders game(which i refuse to watch), Narnia, League of extraordinary humans and The golden compass. But being overly obsessed and in utter adoration for Tolkien’s written work, it still stings ( joke not intended). The characters were just one dimensional props, I was soul crushingly sad when Tolkien wrote i think two lines that consisted of Thorins, Killi’s and Filli’s bodies being found in the battle field. Which doesn’t quite go down the same way as the film, there’s this stretched out scene with Azog, who isn’t even in the books, where they over dramatically die. There’s no heart felt sympathy over it like there was with Boromir’s spectacular death and in my opinion they should of just left it with there bodies being found.


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