End of the tunnel.

It’s the end of mock weeeekk yerrrr and I’ve gotten away with having only One snide comment towards me by my maths teacher. The maths went interestingly I think they bring out the hard ones for shock factor to make you reevaluate whether your working hard enough or not. I think I did better on it than the easy one I completely failed and got an E on, who ever marked it was so harsh I missed having 5 more marks because at the end I made the answer a plus instead of a minus even though I wrote it right somewhere else’s, (sighsss). The biology went ok as well, the mock paper was the one we had in march for AS as I’m resitting no one else in the room had taken it before. It went better than the first time which is a relief and because i’m dyslexic ( I find it so ironic how hard it is to spell that) I get extra time which is well needed for the biology paper. I found out that I can also get it printed on to colored paper instead of white, which will help as I have the attention span of a goldfish.

In celebration and because it’s out to day we are seeing The Hobbit. The last in the trilogy based of one book, I love Tolkien i really do don’t these films don’t quite do it for me. I come out the cinema thinking ‘wow that was amazing’ but then the more I watch it the more I see faults, which can be said for anything but i didn’t have that much of an issue with LOTR. It could be because i saw them before I read the books because I am only 18. I am 15 mins away from leaving so I’ll leave this post near.


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