• SPACEMAN £13.00 Coming Soon           FIRE HEART £13.00 Coming Soon

    Image of SpacemanImage of Fire heart

My little shop is now in development, I set up with Bigcartel, one of the those sites that have pre-made shop templates. I’m excited to say the last I feel like I’m finally moving forward since getting the stock in. Probably like everyone would , I wish it goes really well, but even if it doesn’t its been a pretty good hobby designing them. Which is something I want to carry on with and continue to get better at.

This just feels like a big win for me and I hope people will check it out. I’m also going to apologise after the NaBloPoMo I haven’t posted. The reason is, is it’s Mock week which is instead of the alevel exams we used to get in February. Which is disappointing because before I could have taken unit 1 biology and gotten it out of the way, if I failed I could take it later, and now I have to take unit 1 and 2 in June. Which is a Lot to remember, but thankfully now I feel like I’m getting the power of blagging, before I didn’t know how to answer the questions and its marked in a specific way. Now however as long as I blag and use certain key words I’m good,  which can not be said for maths it’s either right or wrong.  I’m not looking forward to either but I have a brief break of a day to revise tomorrow and the three hours of textiles and then art was gotten over with to day it’s been a long and stressful day but a different day so I liked it. I hope everyone else is enjoying their run up to Christmas.

HERE is my site in all its glory


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