NaBloPoMo Day 30 – Teenage market

It was my first time at the teenage market, unfortunately i don’t have any pictures as i forgot my camera. It was quite a slow day but like always i can take positives from it, people were interested in the designs but i don’t think my target market is people who go to local markets. Which is a shame and why the teenage market was produced to do, was to interest a younger audience. I spent most of my day talking to my hippie friend who donates a lot of her profits to charity you can find her online shop here :

You can also Like my Facebook page here: it will constantly be improving but i only set it up yesterday.

Its also the last day of the NaBloPoMo challenge and i regretfully didn’t post Every day like I wanted as the rest of life got in the way like it often does. I’ve had an enlightening time, I’ve posted things i never thought i would, good and bad but at this point i don’t want to delete any thing i like the proof that i did in fact finish something. I’ve also found some amazing blogs to follow all thanks to NaBloPoMo which i will enjoy reading along time after this is finished. So thank you to the creators of NaBloPoMo the reason we’re doing this.


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