NaBloPoMo Day 24 – Art future

I’m sorry that I’ve missed even more days of NaBloPoMo,  I was at someone else’s on Friday after celebrating her friends 18th. So natural i spent Saturday recovering and i couldn’t face posting, on Sunday i did a Solid day of work which left me with a whopping headache. But today, Monday, of all days I did something other than a college day. There was an Art convention of sorts in town, where universities from around the UK come and show there art courses off. It was ok there was a lot of people and at first it was awkward and i ended up having to lone wolf it, until the end where i met up with my friend. It just left me a little confused, you can get dead set on something and then have the idea dramatically change. Don’t get me wrong i still want to be an architect but there are so many creative things out there that i can do. Like i talked to a games designer based in Manchester where the students have gone off to work in places like Sony. I also saw the top university for illustration and graphics that aim for a commercial target to get the students into the industry. Which is good and bad, they’ll earn a living but a lot of places make sure you have your own unique style, which you could argue will come in time whether working in commercial or none commercial industry. There’s just a lot of questions i wont to get answered before I make a decision, but at least I now have another year to decide.


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