NaBloPoMo Day 18 – Clothing and book thrift haul #3.

Its another shopping trip Tuesday, which I think thoroughly makes up for the last two weeks where my mum couldn’t go. I went to the same local place again and hit up the charity shops, the main aim of the trip was to go to the fabric shop for my apron and pot holder product in textiles. It did go in the end I couldn’t make my mind up between some of my designs and I didn’t want to make the wrong chose. So here it is my clothing/ book haul :


I bought a hand knitted jumper, it might actually be a mans looking at it now but I don’t mine at £3 I cant complain. The next thing I found was a faux dark green velvet top originally from ASOS which i think will be perfect for the Christmas time that’s right around the corner.


The thing I’m most excited for is this Tommy Hilfiger for Tommy girl denim jacket, I’ve been wanting one like it for so long. I just love how thick it is and how it will be quite substantial against the English pre-winter. It cost £8.99 which is less than what I would pay for a t-shirt.


The book I got are ‘ Johannes Cabal: the detective’ by Jonathan L.Howard, is a comic fantasy a necromancer fleeing conviction for stealing a rare book in a flying ship where he encounters unpleasant people from his past and a murder on board.

The next book is ‘Fallen Grace’ by Mary Hooper a story based in London ( as they always are, what about Manchester) 1861, about a poor girl who has attracted the attentions of a corrupt family the Unwins who want to defraud her.


Another book is ‘The red house’ by Mark Haddon about two families who have been split apart with a family faud, coming together in a relatives death in a house in Wales. Where ghosts begin to rise of the people they’ve known. The main reason I bought this is, he’s the same author of  ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night-time’ which was critically acclaimed.

The third book I got was ‘The dark tower: The gunslinger’ by Stephan King which I don’t honestly know what its about the blurb doesn’t tell my anything. I know that it’s a epic journey where the main character Roland has to get to the tower while meeting may characters on his way. Its not the best description, but I keep seeing this book series around and I really want to get into more of his work.

Last but not least i bought ‘Trainspotting’ by Irvine Welsh a very famous and critical acclaimed  book that was turned into a film where the younger Ewan Mcgregor played the lead. Its about a junky trying to quit, while all his friends are fellow junkies, who keep trying to drag him back into that world. They are now planing a sequel.


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