NaBloPoMo Day 27- Art

Today’s post is going to be about my allusive art work, development, which is a nightmare. For several reasons first though out the unit your always going back and refining and developing your work so really everything is already developed so when asked to just do developments very one is stumped. Its vast amount of possibilities, which and narrowed down by the artists you pick but even then doing something your artists does your teacher can disagree with it and say redo it. The first rule of art courses It’s the teachers always right as there marking it, its sad but true, you can do the art you like and appreciate another time. Its the main problem as well the education system kills your view on art.


My topic is urban decay, which is why it’s a little grungy looking. The main bulk of the pieces is emulsion transfer, where you paint on a layer of emulsion over an image and lay it emulsion side down on to a separate piece of paper. Then remove the paper with a sponge, the problem with doing this on cloth is bits of the transfer can come off. for this topic neatness and perfection isn’t really a big deal. I enjoy doing this style and I find it quite quick it takes around 2 hours for each to get to this point but there not done yet which is why I have taken them home. I hope that you try out emulsion transfer it quick and fun albeit a little messy.


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