NaBloPoMo Day 13 – Maths

Today I went to a maths lecture called, maths inspiration, don’t laugh. At first I wasn’t going to go as most trips make you get there yourself which means getting the commuter train into Manchester which is horrific. While walking in I noticed the cheap coach they always hire, with a maths teacher outside. I still ignored it, but when I got inside I meet my friend who was also going so I just went along with it and went as well. When we got there it became evident that we were the oldest ones there, everyone else there was from grammar schools, which was obvious by there even fancier blazers than normal.

The speakers were Colin Wright, Ben Sparks and Hannah Fry who are very successful in each of their fields. It wasn’t like an average lecture, they tried very hard to keep the audience engaged and entertained with some weird techniques. Where the first talker Hannah Fry started things off with the maths behind a urination stream and how long all animals pee for (21 sec) which was some what bizarre, but went down well with the majority of the young audience. The next one up was Ben Sparks who talked about the probabilities of getting a certain hand in poker which are ridiculously low, and went on to talk about more things on gambling to mainly put he audience off ever betting. He was probably the best speaker who entertained and taught, but like the first speaker he turned to unusual methods when he picked up a guitar, and thank goodness he was good at it, as it could of gotten very awkward very quickly. Last but not least was Colin Wright who did a bit on Morse code and then did a juggling act where apparently he holds a guinness world records for a formation. Overall It was really good and I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say i’m feeling particularly inspired by maths but because of all the stress of doing an art course I would say maths is now my favorite subject.

This is not my image but if you want a go at learning Morse code than try this:


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