NaBloPoMo Day 11- Chippy

I think we’ve started a tradition now, chippy Tuesday, I couldn’t think of anything more British, well other than afternoon tea in formal wear but when does that happen. Which I find all kinds of ironic since we’ve just started the topic of the heart and coronary heart disease, all I can think about is my arteries getting more and more blocked with cholesterol which isn’t pleasant when eating. Meanwhile in art we’ve started the final piece before THE final pieces, all I’ve had throughout the year is don’t do too much background ,because there fun and easy to do. so when I got told the piece was looking to impersonal she said the best words any art teacher can say, ‘want you to turn in all in too a background ‘ and other things like go over parts with pencil and stick and ink. But I honestly swear this is the quickest, enjoyable piece of art I’ve ever made and I want to do more in the future. I’ve also created another t-shirt design which for some reason wont show ill hopefully have it up for tomorrow.


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