NaBloPoMo Day 9 – Kdrama Recommendations.

Basically this is what the title suggests, I’ve recently been watching a dew kdramas. I’f you already watch them or haven’t at all I wonted to give my favorite so far. I didn’t realise that i was a closet girly girl until watching them so with out further ado here is my top 4 because top 5 are over done:

  • Princess hours – About an art student ( whoop) who’s granddad was friends with the late King who promised the next heir to be married to her. It follows the ins and outs of her adjusting and the political plotting that goes on in this made up royal society.
  • To the beautiful you – about an athletic girl who joins an all male boarding school to meet her sporting idol, and as you expect comes in to a lot of trouble by doing so. It has also got members of SM entertainment playing the leads who surprisingly can act.
  • Playful kiss- not really about a kiss, more of a unrequited love situation, where the girls new house falls down and she has to move in with her fathers friend who as it so happens is the father of the requited. It seems clique and typical but the Korans no how to write a funny and engaging story with a twist.
  • Boys over flowers- Now I’ll admit I haven’t seen the Korean version but the original Japaneses which I thought was brilliant. It was was strange in all the good ways and it was nice to see a strong female who could look after her self which is something that I feel is lacking in this genre. I’d recommend watching the original before the kdrama version and just don’t even go there with the American version, no. Just no.

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