NaBloPoMo Day 8- Average day.

Yesterday I said to myself your really going to feel the muscle ache tomorrow and oh was I right, I’m literally walking around like an old time cowboy. The pain. Any way its Saturday finally the weekend, where I can lie in till late and not get judged. The main aim of to day was chill and do some revision, however I did stay in bed longer than I would of wanted as I had the weirdest dream which then made me sit and ponder my life for two hours. After that I immediately got distracted and watched Netflix for the rest of the day. I did however draw and scan in another piece of graphic art ©:


Which I still haven’t colored yet but I think it looks promising, would you buy a t-shirt with this design on it ? Then I decided to do what I set out to do today which was some college work. This year I have a new teacher whose really into giving us work and better yet for her, makes us then mark are own work. I currently have ten beasts of questions which are all worth around 8 marks each. Which basically sums up this average boring day. I worry some times that this month will be excruciatingly boring but like the title says ‘A day in the life of…’ and this was my ‘very’ productive day.


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