NaBloPoMo Day 7- PE Horror

It was the first day of hockey and the English weather being the English weather it well and truly pissed it down. So thankfully we were relocated inside the sports hall, which made me think of PE physical education I had in high school and count my blessings that this isn’t high school as they would of made us stay out there.

At my school they made it out to be this big important thing, that after you went through the years people tried less and less. One year for the winter term they made us do the 12 minute run for are single period that week, that year we had a single and a double each week. Sad to say it but the run is nearly as bad as the bleep test, if your not panting like a pug or trying to keep your lunch down you know your doing something wrong. Being in winter also exasperated the situation we had to run through, I kid you not, Snow. Bits of my body turned blue  and any one else being a asthmatic the cold air is killer. I don’t know if anyone else had PE like this but i have heard some horror/ hilarious stories from people at college. At the end of the day that what i love, that fact that if you had an amazing lesson everyone would be talking about that goal or that time, and even if it was the worse lesson ever it was still memorable. I hope to this with hockey this year, to have something memorable to look back on.


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