NaBloPoMo Day 6

NaBloPoMo Is a commitment, my creative juices has oozed out during the 4 hours of art I’ve had to endure . It’s kind of catastrophic when i spend 25+ hours on my art alevel a week, to have an art teacher to say I’ve done this and this wrong its needs to be changed to fit there views of art. Which is bad enough, but they are ones marking so i can see the reason i should do it, but when they say why haven’t you done this, you need to do this, why are you behind killlllllls me. Its not like I practically live there or anything and it makes me feel that all my effort inst going towards any thing. by next week I hope to have a post up displaying all my current work, as its marking week we aren’t allowed to take any thing home.

In other news I’ve created an art book for revision, I try and find new ways in which to remember my subjects, and seen as though i cant try this technique on maths I started it on my biology. So far i think its working, its at least getting me more engaged than when i’m writing up my notes for class.



I’m aiming for a B this year, seen as though i’m retaking the year again i’m somewhat desperate to achieve It. I recently heard that in my class the highest grade was D i think as it was her last year she gave up, but still lovely lady, lovely. My new teachers a lot more on the ball she basically forces us to write notes which my old teacher was very blase about. where she then does file checks to make sure we’ve done the work, a little high school for me and i do feel my self getting the sense overwhelming stress of not doing small tasks, which my high school made me feel anxious about. Which was the stupidest thing as it wasn’t productive and made me a nervous stress ball when I used to be so chilled.


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