NaBloPoMo Day 5.

Netflix is my new love which consumes all my free time and time i spend writing up notes. Seems to be aimed at an audience like me content wise, with a lot of  newish  films and series. I know that its a little lost on my dad as he doesn’t enjoy a lot of the content but like I said I don’t think hes the main audience that Netflix is aiming for . Which is something I think they could work on, getting a larger range with each genre completely covered I know for me that the foreign entertainment isn’t really up to scratch.

Here’s a list of my recently watched:

Blood Lad- anime

Ugly Betty- tv series

How I Live Now- British film

Hercules- Disney film

The Pixar Story- Pixar film

Video Games: The Movie

8 out of 10 Cats- British series

The only downside I really have is that American Netflix is said it be a lot better, they show a lot of foreign entertainment which I enjoy like all my favorite kdramas. Which is surprising really as been a European we are normally exposed to a lot more foreign films which show in are main cinemas normally with out dub. While in America i heard that they have to go to certain cinemas to watch anything out side of the English language which is a shame because i have seen some amazing foreign entertainment.


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