NaBloPoMo day 2 : Slump

After working to breaking point every day for college i fall into such a slump. It’s great being busy and everything to there has to be a happy medium, now that the half term holidays over I’m forced to evaluate what I’ve achieved when being off. The thing is i haven’t really done anything, its put all my mental will to get over doing so much work. it doesn’t put me in the best mood for education, the will and the interest has been taken out and I’m left wondering is it worth it? There’s a reason it’s only two years long and the fact that i have to now do three is driving me crazy, i can see why people take gap years which i used to think were a waste of time. I have an idea of what i want for my future and that means university and passing, which is a goal I’m looking forward to getting.

The only thing i can do now is make sure I revise and do something i feel is productive in my spare time. The balance of the two aren’t things I’ve ever been able to master but at the end of the day I want to feel like I spent every moment well.


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