Clothing haul #2

Here’s the second part of my haul this week. Its not as much clothes as I would normally get but we were in a time limit. The piece’s that I got however are really nice and we be used a lot coming up to winter. Which if your in England, you’d of noticed its already here. We never have a autumn its normally just very rainy cold season which can sometimes last until March.

So here we are:


Starting from the left I bought a navy blue cardigan that’s extremely heavy because of the knit. Its not as warm as id expect from such a heavy cardigan but it’ll be good just to throw on for college as its a sauna in there.


The next item it a dress from Ted Baker I lobve the design which isnt liie any dress i have and the print is amazing as i love any Scottish patterns.


The next item is a Mango jumper which I also love its in a large but it looks really good oversized, I was originally worried that the size would distract from the amazing knit work but it doesn’t. I wore this on Wednesday underneath the dress and it looked really good and I got a lot of comments, which is hard at my college as everyone dresses so well.


Last but not least my baby blue Gap knit jumper. The knit style is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately in shops like topshop and sheinside. I am quite partial to a good jumper and as always the quality of Gap wear is brilliant.

In total this all cost £12 which is crazy good, you can’t but a descent jumper for that much in any shop. As a student it saves me so much money which I use to save up for university.


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