Book haul 2#

So I went shopping today in my triple free which I don’t always do, I do actually do studying in the study periods but I thought I’d treat myself. It also is the morning my mum has off too, which turned out really nice as I don’t see my parents as much as I’d like even though we still live together.

And here it is:



I watch way to much criminal minds and CSI so I thought I’d try a book about real crimes and the thankfully caught criminals. I’ve also herd a lot about ‘I love rosie’ its a romantic comedy but dispite this i be decided to give it a go. Dedication seams a be a fluffy contemporary about a girls first love leaceing town and becoming a recording star who then returns thirteen years later. Seams interesting and like to book ‘Aubrey wait’OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I already have the paper back of ‘An idiot abroad’ but they were so nice and were only 50p so I had to. Looking though it I swear theres actually more bits to the hard backs and the picture quality is amazing.The films ella enchanted and bad teacher once that I love for very different reasons. I feel some what noslgic about ella and I love everything magical. For bad eduxation infamous for outrageous scenes like the humping oh god the dry humping scene i can never not see it.


Last but not least is my hard backs of Treasure island which I’ve never actaully read before and the two towers by tolkein which i have. I always felt a mist out on Treasure island because i didnt read it as I child and I’m just really curious to see ffor myself what its about. I also have like a Tolkein obsession where ever I go and see a tolkien book I HAVE to buy it. its actually becoming a problem i now have 6 ‘THe Hobit copies.

And drum roll please, Dunduuuun dunnn this all came to £4 I went to the charity shops again I love em. I looked in to quite a few shops and book wise this is all I got,  but I’ll post the clothes portion of this haul later this week.


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