My business idea.

My life is boring again, I forgot how much college takes over. All the things Ive resently found out I love have to be put on hold, for me that means piano lessons, cartooning,and illustrations. A dream of mine is to start up my own T-shirt business, I’ve got 9 designs drawn but I haven’t digitally coloured them in yet. I’ll need around 25 to start off with and to then add to as I go along.

I wont to start off with a kickstarter raise the money that way and set up web page. One thing I’m good at I’d googleing and I’ve finally found a cheap reliable company to produce the goods. I’d wont to then offer three designs to pick from on kickstarter for people to pick from as a offer for donating.

How does this sound for a kickstarter

£10 donation – stickers of the designs

£20 donation- T-shirt

£30 donation – T-shirt and stickers

£40 donation – T-shirt and 2x stickers

£50 donation – A hoodie

Looking around the website it sounds like a reasonable offer compared to some of the other start ups. Even if the website tanks and I don’t make anything its still a good idea as the kickstarer really minimalises the risk as I won’t of lost any money. It’ll also look really good on my CV which I need especially when I’ve had to trepeat my first year.


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