Like I mentioned in another post I went to Edinburgh recently, which is a long trip from Manchester but thankfully I wasn’t the one driving. Me and my parents went for the weekend to go to the university’s open day, but we arrived the day before at around 3 o’clock . Which gave us a bit of time to tiredly trudge around the city getting to use there new tram system. It was a really nice day I haven’t been up there for three years but other than the trams nothing seams to have changed. We had a pretty good time in a traditional styled pub because when in Scotland, and it also turned out that night was the last night of the Edinburgh fringe festival. Which has the most spectacular fire works I have ever seen, erupting out of Edinburgh castle it was amazing. Unfortunately my camera had died by that time and the only pictures I have are on my phone so I cant upload them. It was such a good night, we didn’t have tickets, like most of the spectators didn’t, to the show which was also accompanied by classical music. We ended up watching the show in a graveyard, which may seem creepy but it wasn’t as there were quite a few other people who had the same idea and even the graveyards are nice in Edinburgh. The next day when I did look round the university I went to the architecture lecture I didn’t really feel for it and my first choose is the one that’s an hour away from home, Edinburgh way to far to come if there’s a problem.

So theres some pictures of the weekend and the graveyard pictures isn’t the graveyard.




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