First day (again).

First day of lower sixth Again. To be honest it was even more horrendous than expected, I wasn’t told where to go prior to going into college, so I just followed everyone into a introductory  assembly which was awkward. I basically then had the whole welcome intro to the college in tutorial which was tedious. But then it really hit me seeing all these really, really young practically fetus looking lower sixth, that my classes were never going to be the same. All the amazing people I spent my first year with, I’ll never be able to laugh and fool around with in class, they won’t be there, not in the same way. I now appreciate how amazing they all are and how they made it my best year yet and in a college with 2000 + people it will be fortunate if I see them around campus. So I was suddenly struck with such unbearable sadness while playing a name game in form, it must of looked so strange. I’m gutted, I know I should feel fortunate that I even got the redo, but I don’t, I want to mess around and chat scream and laugh in my class with my friends. Now I can’t maybe I’ll pass this time round, some thing had to give, happiness or education I know which is better for my future but at the moment its all a little unbearable. I’ll learn to cope with the situation but its really going to hit me hard when my friends leave for uni with out me, I feel like it would hurt less if I was also moving on with my life.


Sorry its a bit of a mopie post and that I haven’t done one in a while but I was up in Scotland for the Edinburgh open day which I’ll up load pictures of soon.


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