My Art.

Ive recently realised that I’ve talked about doing art alevel but i haven’t shown you any of my work. Unfortunately all my AS unit 1 and unit 2 work is at college as they’ve been marking it for the AS results over summer. However I do have a lot of GCSE work all over my house so I picked the best pieces off my wall.





I was around 15-16 when I made these, I did a Fine art GCSE and based my work off Afremov, Jack Vettriano and native American art. I ended up with a B which i was pretty disappointed with but the work is first internally marked and then externally, my teacher seriously disliked me so I was lucky to get what I got. My course now is a Art craft and design so its very different from my first course it was a big leap which I’m still trying to get used to. My main medium is pencil drawings I love it and fortunately I’m quite good at it. I’m currently starting unit 3 of A2 and as the year hasn’t stared yet all I’ve done is the intro to the artists.



I really love the course its a lot freer than at GCSE I don’t have to copy someone elses work, instead I copy the style and fit it to my own photography.I’ve picked the built environment for this unit and have posted some of the photography for it in the side bar gallery. I defiantly feel more ownership over my new pieces and feel quite disconnected from the old as there not really mine. I can also be less precise as I was a little ODC with getting the proportions right I’m a little more calm about it now and it turns out I’m very good at doing it by eye after 2 years. Its a really fun creative alevel and Its one of my favorite parts of college, I feel like I’m starting to find my artistic style. I hope you like them.


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