Binge watching.

I swear its getting to be a problem, I’m OK with it at the moment as I’m on my summer holidays but I’m seriously worried for when I get back into college. The bingeing all started with ‘Community’ an American comedy show i watched last year and it has just spiraled out of control since then. The even worse part of my bingeing is I watch continuously for a few days and then I completely stop with no warning, I can love the show but just stop watching half way through the series.  I’ve started noticing the signs now as soon as the show starts deviating or just plain, get the slightest bit worse, I stop, I think its more self preservation than any thing like I avoid any signs of disappointment and let down.

Hense why I still haven’t seen the last season of ‘Being Human’, which I posted about on my old blog, even though its my favorite British TV show which I full heartedly recommend to any one over 14. Its happened lately even with an amazing Jdrama called ‘Boys over flowers’ don’t be put off by the name it seriously is good and has even had 4 remakes based off the manga.But don’t get me started on the American version I’ve only seen the trailer and it looks appalling, the worlds biggest slap in the face to the manga.

So are you also a person who will watch a series continuously in huge obsessive amounts and sometimes even watching an entire series tirelessly for days. Than please join me.


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