This is not a book.



Another great thrift find, its next book in the line of ‘Wreck This Journal’ series. Its so spooky that I found it now after recently deciding with my friend to make are own Wreck this journal and swop them over with each other. This way we create really unique and personal books for each other that’ll be based off things we know about each other. I just think its a really cute and quirky thing to do and I’m looking forward to making it as I am about getting one.

I think Keri Smith has really hit on to something good with this idea, not only do you see it all over social media sites but its getting people who might not normally do creative hobbies into a really personal, arty, mixed media project. And how can more art in the world he a bad thing.

I do have one criticism with this book as it doesn’t seam as free as the other book because of pages like this, that is completly covered with an image. But I’m sure people will cover over it any way.


Sorry for the shoddy pictures I’m taking them with my hudl tablet, good tablet awfull camera.










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