Finally good news.

In honestly I found this out on Thursday but haven’t been able to put into words how happy I about what happened. As you may of all ready read I did not do well at AS,and this year the government won’t allow year retakes at the same college, so you have to move colleges to redo the year. They’ve done this to fudge the statistics, as they can say all the people who have moved college are new, not people who have failed the year so they look better on reports. 

I thought I’d have to move colleges to one that’s an hour + away, when the college I currently go to one that’s 20 minutes away. Which is a pain but the thought of leaving every one I know was even worse. I’m also one of those people who don’t like sharing or giving bad news so I didn’t even warn my good friends of this possibility. I’m glad I didn’t now, because It would worry them for no reason but I don’t think they would forgive me for just not coming in on the first day back. 

So I was literally over the moon when I went in to re-enroll. I asked if there was any possibility of redoing the year as I missed a lot of time when I had surgery in the middle of the year. Thankfully the person covering the maths department was my teacher, who I’d begged all year to let me resit (again not a shock I failed that AS) and because he let me redo the year on medical grounds biology also did. 

I’m just so grateful that I get the opportunity and that my parents will back me up no matter what. I just hate the fact that I felt I was in a position where I felt I couldn’t get help, its just another failed government idea. Its bad enough they tripled the price of university but they also took away are January exams and now this. I get the feeling this current Conservative government wants to go back to the way it was before where average people didn’t get into universities.But still I’m happy for now.


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