Thrift haul #1

Tuesday is normally shopping day, and the Tuesday just gone was much the same. We went to a town that normally has the nicest charity shops, and to be honest its not only reusing which is good for our planet but so much cheaper to go shopping this way. If you don’t have much money you can still go shopping and end up with loads of stuff. This week went even better than the other times i’ve gone which is why I’m making a post on it.

This is the clothing I bought:

Zara ripped jeans: £4.99 originaly around £30.00

River island argyle jumper: £4.99

Topshop cream jumper: £4.99

Topshop patterned skirt: £1.99

Topshop moto dip dyed shorts: £1.99

River island high waisted shorts: £4.99

Sorry the picture isn’t the best but by the time I got back on Tuesday it was pretty late in the day and its only lit by my bed room light. All in all it cost £24, minus a few penny’s, which to be honest is the same price I’d pay in one of those shops for just one of the items of clothing. So 😀

I’m really, really happy with these pieces of clothing, even though I got them two days before my results I feel like its a well deserved pick me up. I also think its too late to apply to any apprenticeships so I won’t be leaving college for now.


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