Results day: who wants to join my band

So its results day as the title quite clearly suggests, and its horrific. First of all I hate opening results I think its one of the worst things to do with my education, there’s to much anticipation and tension and I seriously never know what I’m going to get. I feel like opening them, for me, is a very personal thing, I like to do it alone so I can either scream jiberish of joy or hysterically cry. Unfortunately with all my results so far its been the latter.

So I failed AS today. I got a B in art, E in biology and a U in maths. In some ways the maths isn’t surprising I haven’t been doing to well all year but biology. OH MY DAYS it’s my strongest subject and I knew the syllabus like the back of my hand I was so gutted. I dont know how I could of gone from a high B mark in papers we get in class to an E an EEEEE. So yer I’m not doing to good right know but alls done and I can’t change that but I can learn from it. I’m getting photocopies and then seein if I should get it remarked which I recommend to any one else in my situation. I don’t know how I’ll fare doing resits for two As’ and doing three a levels that’s also have exam around the same time. College is something I’ll have to think more about returning too but I think I’m to achedemic ( even though you can’t tell from the results) to not go back, I need to think about what’s best for me. I really do hope somewhere there’s been a mix up or I’m never going to be an architect or a radiotherapist.

So I feel like as a last ditch effort, to form a band because it seams to work out for every other famous person.

(I hope this reads as sarcasm, but you never know how other people read things)


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