This is my lovely tiny kobo where I currently read the majority of my books. Its so handy it currently holds 129 books which is more than enough to have on a one time. It can’t hold many more but you wouldn’t be away from a computer the length of time it would take to read that amount books. Its on the cheaper side of ebooks and I know whsmith had a resent offer lowering the price to £35 completely worth it. However the internet feature is useless taking too long to load and being in black and white its quite hard to see the page when it finally opens.

The last thing I was reading was Stunning a Pretty Little Liars book. Another nice feature is the cover of the most recently read book becomes the screen cover when off. The book series it self is NOT worth the read, the TV series is worlds better. Its has the most superficial story and characters known to man kind and everything could have been solved if they just told someone what was happening. The stakes are so much lower there’s no tension or suspense nothing that bad would ever happen to them that they hadn’t created for themselves, digging bigger and bigger holes for themselves. Just don’t start it especially if your like me and have to finish everything I start. I’m currently on around book 11 of 13 and the story just gets worse the losses plot ever.


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