Foreign entertainment.

I feel like entertainment wise I have finally got my niche. The things I’ll listen or watch over and over and it’ll still be amazing.  My music taste thoughout high school seemed to depend on a stereo type, like I was into fleet foxes and Mumford and sons so I couldn’t like anything from the charts. But now I feel freer with my eclectic tastes which now also include foreign music. Which is thanks to my amazing AS maths table, where one of them loved kpop or Korean pop. There pure utter fangirling got me curious and I went investigating, where I fell completely in love with boybands shinee and exo also girl bands, girls day and f(x). To the point where Ive become a little obsessed…


I feel like its really broadened my horizons concerning entertainment, as I’m now watching more and more foreign movies and tv shows. To the beautiful you ( staring the beautiful Minho from shinee) and films such as 100 days with my arrogant and My mighty princess all of which I would highly recommend watching, they have also become some of my all time favourite films.

Also with recommendation from my friends I watched Attack on Titan, well more like binge watched, seeing them all over two days. It is a story on epic proportions and is even big in america and we all know there views of foreign entertainment. Its incredibly hard to crack america even when it produces lesser material than its foreign counterpart.

So if your like me and have your comfort zone I implore you to try out different counntries entertainment as you can be pleasantly surprised. Great entertainment transcends language.

And you can boast to your friends and seam really worldly-wise and cultured.

Here’s some links to the very theatrical kpop groups:

The lovable Shineeeeeee !!!!!!


The unique girl group F(x) ( sulli’s my bias).

The sexy Girls day.

And new ish boygroup Exo.


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