Choosing a university

Picking a university is much like starting this post, I don’t have a clue where to begin. I feel very fortunate to have the chose of so many amazing uni’s, which was never really an option for my parents and still isn’t for many people. I also really don’t want to sound so 1st world problems, but seriously how are we supposed to pick. There are now around 113 in great Britain all valuable institutions of education. Now I’m hoping a list of criteria will help narrow things down, but then I have trouble deciding on that:

To stay near home

To live in student accommodation

What part of the country

And then there’s what university’s that do the course, I also haven’t picked a course that a want to do a 100% ( if you haven’t already noticed I’m quite indecisive). Now there’s 52 + that do architecture the main course I want to do now I then look at the top ranks. Now thinking about what I’ll get at AS I look further down see what’s a reasonable bet that I’d get in to. My advice from there is to look around, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by my local university The Manchester School Of Architecture where I was had all my plans of going to, which where then smashed. So please don’t put all your plans and dreams on to one university it can end up not being the one for you, there’s also the chance you won’t get in which isn’t the end of the world and you have to accept that.

The next problem is the other course, I’d rather live or stay near home. Its good to have a solid base in which to rely on in case some thing happens. So I want to stay near and go on a radiotherapy course I’ve got no clue for that one as I haven’t even looked round one uni doing it. I also have the problem of how many places to I put an offer to if I want to get on the courses. As all the architecture uni’s might regret me and the same for radiotherapy. But it that happens to one and not the other than I guess my choice has been made for me. I hope others by this stage have made more definitive choices but if not then you are certainly not on your own.


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