Book haul 1#

Im a cereal offender when it comes to buying more books than I can read in a week, and over eight days this has been is proven true.

Again I’m really happy with what I bought I’ve benn looking for ‘Ready player one’ for months now and I don’t know why I just didn’t buy it online. Also like the last haul all of the books are from a charity shop so all were a really descent price.

The books above were all 25p which is amazimg . If I was one of the authors I’d be a little sad that some one was mying the books I spent years writing for 25p but it all goes to charity. I all ready own the third misborn trilogy book, but its my favourite series at the moment and I just couldn’t leave it there. I highly recommend it to anyone whose interested in fantasy and shifting of political power.

The book I’m most excited to read is the ‘Little Giant Of Aberdeen County’ about  a large girl who under hard circumstances gets separated from her family,and is ridiculed her whole life. It seams quite a different  unique read as its also set in the past, and I hope it lives up to expectations.

The next books were a pound each, ‘Bitter greens’ is a take on the traditional Rapunzel tail which I’m really curious about. For some reason I just could not get through Wicked but this is a new author so I hope the story doesn’t stray to far. Unfortunately with the other two books, there part of a series book 3 and 4. So I’ll have to find the first books somewhere but the blurb was really enticing so I thought why not for a pound.

The next and final three were 3 for a £1 so a really good price again, so I had to buy some. But luckily for me after Five minutes of looking I found ‘Ready Player One’. Which is about a bout who escapes reality by playing video games were he finds a prize millions were looking for and his journey to keep it .

I’m really happy with these books and I know they’ll keep me occupied for a while but I’m bound to buy more before then so please come back soon.


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